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On Windows, with recent ImageMagick, all I had to do from a command window was: magick mogrify -format jpg *.HEIC to convert all the HEIC files in a folder to .jpg. No batch or scripts needed.


An update from "recently" (not sure which version exactly, but some version newer than what was available when the question was asked): If you can stack the bracketed shots into groups, e.g. using the "Auto-Stack by Capture Time" function, batch processing is possible in Lightroom Classic. Simply selecting all stacks for which the HDR ...


Your vertical line looks like a missed scan line (see the notches at both ends). If you cut the image on the line and drag the right part one more pixel to the right the result looks rounder. Hardware problem? Bug in imaging software? Hard to tell from here. Simulation of the problem by removing a vertical line on a CGI:

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