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The sound is normal. The flash is rapidly firing at super low power so you can see what the effect of the full flash will be. I never use the feature myself.


Since you're in digital, there are a lot of things you can do that aren't possible in film without a ton of work. One of the biggest is being able to easily edit photos together. It's only a little more work taking the pics. If the there's too little light or too much or both together, take composite shots. On this shot, I'd take the image of everything ...


Blue skies are typically noisy with any camera, and at any ISO. It is due to the RGB filtration of the individual photosites/pixels. With the common Bayer filter array 50% of the photosites are filtered to a green centric wavelength, and 25% are filtered to blue and red centric wavelengths (each). So when you photograph a blue sky only 25% of the ...

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