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Your vertical line looks like a missed scan line (see the notches at both ends). If you cut the image on the line and drag the right part one more pixel to the right the result looks rounder. Hardware problem? Bug in imaging software? Hard to tell from here. Simulation of the problem by removing a vertical line on a CGI:


Noise is not caused by a certain ISO setting. High ISO isn't really what causes increased noise. The lower amount of light we usually allow into the camera when using higher ISO is what causes noise. If you limit the light to the same level at ISO 100 that you would use to properly expose for, say ISO 3200, and then try to boost those almost black shadows by ...


Understand that the noise is primarily a function of a lack of light recorded... i.e. 1/50 @ f/5.6 and the available light level. And darker portions of a scene will always be noisier because they contain/emitted less light; the ISO setting only makes it more/less visible. Definitely do not underexpose (record less light) and recover in post; that will only ...

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