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Allow me to make a simple list. I will try to explain more later. Camera, taking the image Light Exposition White balance Calibration Processing Monitor and view conditions Print Printer calibration Material consistency Manually adjusting variables to the print.


Like the previous answer a lot but if you want the most accurate color you can also buy a color card, something like the X-rite color checker card. Then once you get your images into Lightroom / Photoshop, you can color balance your way back to reality. If you had a scanner you could scan the X-rite color card, and get even closer by using a color picker to ...


Lighting is the place to start. You want a very high CRI for color critical work. Tungsten hot lights are the most accessible way to get that. Second piece is an accurate gray card. Third piece is a camera that allows setting the white balance off the gray card. But with a good tungsten bulb, the color temperature will be right at 3200k. If you use LED’s or ...

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