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I know that I should not provide link-only answers, but this Wikipedia article may be helpful, specifically if it's kept up to date: Section "Summary of products that support DNG in some way" from "Digital Negative. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia", more specifically for the question: "Digital cameras and related software" ...


DXOMARK lists bit depth for many cameras (use the search feature) along with lots of other interesting sensor information in the measurements section. You can also do a side by side comparison of up to 3 bodies. Note, these are lab tests. The scoring sometimes doesn't translate in to real world shooting experience.


I am not aware of "native" way to sync/transfer photos from iPhone to PC. But you can try side channels like Google Drive, upload photos there, open Google drive and PC and download them Also Nikon Image Space (almost the same as above) send photos via mail to other account and download on PC connect iPhone and PC to the same WiFi network, on PC ...


I do not believe it is possible to have a raw file without any exif data. Besides things like camera make/model/settings, the exif contains the information required to convert the raw data into a viewable image. Either you do not have the right program/method for viewing the exif, or it is being stripped out by a program/process. However, there are programs ...

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