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What you describe is essentially reducing the contrast, so any image editor with a brightness/contrast control will do.


There are several ways to achieve this, although the question is not entirely clear, this is one of them in Photoshop. Adding a Selective Color Adjustment Layer: From the Colors dropdown menu choose Blacks Set Absolute and move the black slider to the left From the Colors dropdown menu choose Whites Move the black slider to the right Original image from ...


A dedicated point and shoot camera with optical zoom will take better portraits and allow better framing and composition than the rather wide angle lens on most phones. When using a ring light, keep the room dark to erase the background, ensure correctable color, and avoid shadows. I'm not sure what a retoucher does, but there's a lot you can tweak in post ...


It looks like lens-mounted macro flash unit, something like this. Combined with other illumination techniques you can play with the shadows to be sharp or smooth as intended.


You could possibly get away with a phone & ringlight to get something basic. A solitary ringlight isn't going to be quite the same as a full studio setup, but it can at least provide a broad light that works well for this type of shot. In fact, I'd go so far as to say your lighting isn't really the issue at all in your photo. It's basic but it's fine for ...

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