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Adjust your camera settings to match processing you like. Remember, you are never seeing a RAW file but an image rendered from one. So any distinction in resolution is a difference in processing. Be sure to select the highest resolution and quality level and adjust the level of sharpness in the selected Picture Style. Resolution should match exactly what ...


Same problem here. Easily overcome by going to 'Image size' and changing it back to 300DPI. I found mine changed, strangely, to 72DPI whilst editing.


If you have many images you want something that can be automated. ImageMagick is a free toolbox designed to perform many image operations in shell scripts (.BAT, if you are on Windows). In the case at hand: convert WithRed.png -colorspace Gray WithoutRed.png gives: You can even increase sharpness: convert WithRed.png -colorspace Gray -sharpen 0x1.0 ...


In anticipation of this being migrated to Graphic Design Image menu/Adjustments/Black & White. Then just pull the reds back slightly.

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