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Camera creates new folder after every 999 images. How can I change that?

The simple fix for anyone with basic computing skills is to rename the files after the transfer. Here is a simple Bash script which renames files using the folder as a prefix. #!/bin/sh for d; do ...
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Nikon p900 Bracketing and Timer

I was also frustrated by the inability to shoot a bracket set with a timer or remote control on Nikon DSLRs. I started using my compact Lumix LX10 for HDR bracket sets which will shoot the bracket set ...
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How to batch convert old NEF photos to JPEG/HEIF with in-camera processing look?

I agree on @Tetsujin statement about the broad question. For those who believe HEIF is the best way to go and really need to save some disk space, here's a script tested on Linux (Mint 21). #!/bin/...
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Stars at night without long shutter speed lines

You would typically use an equatorial tracking mount. This is a motorized mount that tracks the apparent movement of the sky. The inexpensive systems run about USD 400. You can get an idea of what is ...
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Use Nikon D5600 as webcam

Nikon now has a new app for streaming live on some DSLR cameras. It call nikon webcam utility and it a free download from the Nikon website. You simply install and it runs like a plugin. I know for a ...
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