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The XResolution and YResolution tags are supposed to contain the image resolution. Unfortunately they're meaningless for a camera image, because the camera doesn't have a fixed resolution - it varies based on the distance to the subject. They will be filled in with a constant, typically 72 DPI. Those fields were put in the EXIF specification for things ...


The size of the original image in pixels appears to be kept in two tags: PixelXDimension (A002) PixelYDimension (A003)


Here are two more programs that may fit into your nice overview table above. DigiKAM (OpenSource, free). People tagging is present, stored as XMP regions. You just need to configure digiKam so that the XMP data is stored inside the files: Configure / Metadata / Behaviour / Face Tags (including face areas) (Check this checkbox to let digiKam write the face ...


In passing on adding keywords: If you have the keyword cat you will get your pussycat, but also caterpillar (insect); caterpillar (earth moving equipment); caterpillar (brand) catastrophe, every girl named Catherine... There are two approaches to this. Not mutually exclusive. You use a hierarchical keyword list. Birds > Falcon is different from Cars &...

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