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Just ran across this lovely tool from Australia, mate! lol It's a Java program that ".. allows the metadata to be edited for individual images or handled in bulk by using its Export EXIF to CSV and Import EXIF from CSV." It only works on jpg/jpeg files, but also has a built-in converter to convert png files to jpg. I needed it to export limited photo meta ...


This is very broad & ultimately you're going to have to make the call yourself… Some points to consider. JPG can't use 16-bit. It technically supports 12-bit but most apps don't, so that's probably out. Consider JPG to be 8-bit for practical purposes. the Mac's preview is 'wrong' [for a given value of wrong]. CaptureNX-D knows exactly what the camera ...


You can't change the focal length by script because AFAIK there are no DSLR lenses wit an electric zoom, so the camera itself cannot control the zoom. You would need an external rig with a motor to rotate the zoom ring on the lens, and control that motor from the same script that controls the other parameters.

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