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The rerason is, that the RAW RAF file is not an image per se. It is sensor data. To display it, the data has to be interpreted into an image. This is done by a piece of code and takes a little while. Being interpretation, the result may differ between programs. What you see in Windows is that the explorer or most editors shows you a low-res jpg which is ...


Adobe Bridge may not automatically stack sequences, but it can be used to create stacks and then carry out operations on those stacks. I'm assuming (untested) that this includes moving them to new directories. Adobe Bridge is free, and a lot faster than Lightroom when viewing thumbnails. You don't need to import images, it simply operates on the ...


This might help: If you were to start Lightroom and your catalogue including your previews and the original HDU with the photos is not available anymore but on a different HDU, then Lightroom will show you the folders with a question mark. Right click on the folder and use "find missing folder" and you can link the old folder to the new one. Then you can ...


This answer is: Thoughts on how to shoot sunsets so you end up with the best capture of the actual colors present in the scene BEFORE you do any post production. The best way to get the "soft, peachy-pink coloring" is to shoot when the colors are soft, peachy-pink. Every sunset has different colors and qualities. Shoot dozens of shots of all exposure ...


I created to make it fast & convenient to watermark batches of photos. Give it a try. If it's missing anything, let me know and I'll do my best to address it.


I always do the color grading stuff before, because if done after retouching it can make the editing more visible. The edited parts are always a bit different from their surroundings and will react differently to the color tools.


To repair corrupted or inaccessible image files, you can get the help of Kernel Photo Repair software. Try it:

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