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Which of these lenses to choose for a studio project?

There's really never an objective "best" choice, it all depends on what you're attempting to accomplish. My goal is to achieve the sharpest and most detailed images possible, likely ...
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What glue should I use to fix a broken USB port cover on a Canon G7X?

I ended up using Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding system, which is a cyanoacrylate superglue with an "activator" that allows it to bond to any plastic, including polypropylene and ...
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No release shutter w/o lens option Rebel t7

All Canon EOS Rebel cameras (all Canon DSLRs) were designed to shoot without a lens attached. There is no need for a menu option to allow “shooting without a lens”. If you have the camera in Video ...
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Canon LP-E6NH battery moisture

There should be no liquid in a lithium battery... and if liquid does come in contact with lithium things can go very bad very quickly. I would put that battery inside a metal container and get it ...
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