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Try adding some noise to the sky. This will ease the transitions between the bands of color. Here's a good reference for doing so:


Based on the discussions in Affinity forum you can't directly copy/paste the development settings from one photo to another. What is offered is to create preset from the first photo and then apply this preset to the rest of them. And (from this tread) you can record macros and run it on the rest of photos. Or use LUTs You can also try to copy/paste the ...


Observations: You are summing the values of each pixel, but your exposureAdjust() function assumes that after conditioning, each pixel will be in the range [0, 1). This is not correct. Assume a pixel's value in each of the 3 input images is, say, 50% full-scale (thus, 213 = 8192). Summing that three times yields 3 * 8192 = 24,576. Then the result after ...


There are some rather unnatural halos that hint that the camera's internal sharpening goes up to the secret "11" mark: There is no real purpose shooting "raw" if you don't intend to spend significant time on the picture later...

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