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Since your lens is not on Adobe's list of supported lenses, official Adobe lens correction data for your lens either does not exist or is not provided to the public. Other options include: Your lens may be included in the Lensfun database, which is used by some non-Adobe software to apply lens corrections. You can use Hugin to correct an image taken with ...


Here are my conclusions for now after further research: Using Xrite's "Colorchecker Camera Calibration" software in TIFF mode produces .icm files. It probably cannot be used easily in Photoshop (?), or at least not in the normal CameraRaw workflow. Using Xrite's "Colorchecker Camera Calibration" software in DNG mode produces .dcp profiles that can be ...


Usually, in the Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, the way that camera characterisation is done is via custom .dcp profiles, those are created with the Adobe DNG Profile Editor. The documentation explains how to create them:

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