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The manual page you refer to in your question indicates that when continuous shooting is enabled and... ... recording with the self-timer, a series of up to 5 images is recorded. So using the timer with continuous shooting enabled should do what your friend desires.


I have had the same on my old a7 III before I sold it off. The reason I sold it, was partly because of the feature envy to the a7r IV, partly due to more and more broken shutter issues were appearing in the facebook groups centered around that camera. It seems that Sony saved a bit on that camera's shutter. The shutter life is rated for appr. 200,000 ...


Did sensors improve in the last 10 years? The best sensors available now are better than the best sensors that were available ten years ago. The sensors in most consumer grade¹ interchangeable lens cameras are better than the sensors in most consumer grade ILCs made ten years ago, particularly if one looks at the same "class" of cameras, such as ...


According to the ILCE-7M3 Help Guide, Viewing images on a TV using an HDMI cable, the camera should enter playback mode when turned on while connected to an active television via HDMI. However, the instructions mention the possibility that the camera might not enter playback mode directly. Otherwise, the only method of entering playback mode mentioned in the ...

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