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Which is a good lens to add to a beginners collection?

Sony A7iii user here. I've purchased several lenses, ranging from $200 to $2300 lenses. Given the fact that your friend has a wide focal range lens, I can assume that his aperture isn't very low. This ...
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Sony 50mm 1.2 GM lens has loose elements inside?

As this lens have no image stabilization the only moving element inside can be focusing element/group (if the lens is not broken of course). And it is normal to be heavy, this is 1.2 lens.
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Can I turn on automatically selecting a shutter speed for Sony A350 with M42 lenses? Looking for adapter M42 ↔ Sony A

It appears you are using a "plain" M42 adapter, i.e. a piece of machined metal without any electronic components that enables the M42 lens to screw onto the Sony camera body, e.g. like this ...
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