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You can't compare them without checking the video quality. On my (rather old) camera, a 25fps, 1080p movie is encoded at roughly 10MBytes/s. Your 240fps would require a SD card that does 100MB/s. Looking at this, not that many can do it. On an iPhone, the video goes to the embedded flash memory that can have a much faster access speed. In addition, you ...


It totally depends on the usage. if you are buying for YouTube or other video shooting then i would recommend to buy slow motion camera. if its for normal use then you can use iPhone camera.


This from the website, I'm not sure if it's relevant but worth mentioning because of the higher resolution sensor in the a7r III: A filter must always be in position at the rear of the lens,when the lens is mounted on the camera and ready to be used. Five filters, neutral density, UV, Yellow, Orange and Red, are supplied with the lens. These filters ...

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