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Your two images look essentially identical. Here is a map of the difference once one is scaled to match the other: The white is the pixels where the difference in level is 3 or more (difference along contrasting edges is due to rescaling). As far as I can tell the purple bands are in both images, and it indeed looks like banding: A smartphone is not a good ...


What you are probably seeing is the difference between how your display devices scale down the larger image and how they display the smaller image when you look at it on Instagram. Viewed at the same size, there's no significant difference between the two images.


Because it is software for photographers, DigiKam’s developers probably feel their defaults produce a better results than a straight pass through. They want to provide photographers with sensible defaults. Digikam is opinionated in regards to photography. Because it is software for developers, Libraw’s developers have a different intent. They want to give ...


It sounds like it is a monitor calibration issue. The best way to perform a monitor calibration is to use an actual hardware calibration tool. Several companies make them at a variety of price points ranging from about $100 to upwards of $1500 depending on how accurate you need to be and if it can only calibrate monitors or if you need to calibrate other ...

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