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Your primary issue is that your lighting ratios are wrong... you have more light coming through the bottle from the background than you have hitting the label from the front. This is a common mistake... there are so many references to "blowing out the BG," and "expose it 1-2 stops over." What you ideally want is just for it to record as white, not blown; ...


What's illuminating the softbox in the background? I assume not just the strobes? Whatever it is, you probably need to reduce its intensity until it's just barely saturating. The brighter the background is, the more light you're going to have coming through the bottle. (Or, conversely, keep the softbox lit as it is, adjust your exposure so that it just ...


Maybe you can paint the back of the bottle so the light can not shine through. Or glue something on the back that prevents the light from shining through the bottle.


Use a (oh damn I don't know the name anymore, maybe its something like "black wrap aluminium foil") Its a thik aluminium foil with black surface, that you can wrap around a flash or lamp to generate a custom light spot. And use this light spot only on the label.


A few possibilities: Use a white backdrop much further from the subject, with a different flash lighting it enough to barely blow it out but not enough to spill much light back on the bottle. The bottle is, in fact, orange but looks brown when no light is shining through it from behind. Use an HSL (HSV/HSB) tool to desaturate the orange channel. It might be ...

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