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The circles (water spots) are twofold: Film emulsions are made using gelatin as the binder to hold the light-sensitive salts of silver and the organic dyes in place. When placed in the developer, which is mainly water, the gelatin swells much like a dry sponge dunked into water. This swelling opens up the structure so the processing fluids can freely enter ...


There's some very good advice here. My I add something? Sometimes it's the monitor. What monitor are you using? Few monitors are color accurate. You may want to visit a print shop and ask what monitors they are using if you are not able to sort this out with the basic calibration procedures.


White balancing means making the neutral color of the scene (like a grey card) have a particular color temperature and tint in the output picture — to simulate color adaptation of human vision to the conditions of lighting in the scene. If we take a hyperspectral photo of a grey card in a room lit by incandescent light bulbs, spectral radiance of the ...


There are two things probably going on here... The first is a metering issue...Cameras are smart, but they're not people. The meters assume a scene that is middle of the road, not super contrasty. So, if you hold a perfectly white board up in front of your camera and take a photo, then you'll get a photo of a grey card. Likewise, if you hold a perfectly ...

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