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Lightroom plugin development -- is it worth it?

I just wanted to look at how to do batch processing based on filenames in Lightroom, and for some reason it looked it like the easiest way to do it was through the API. Based on @Warren's post I ...
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Are there any significant post-processing benefits of migrating from Lightroom 4 to the last standalone iteration (Lightroom 6)?

You can do a 30-day free trial and see if LR 6 is worth upgrading. You won't lose your LR 4 library (make a back-up, but I think Lightroom will do that, by default when it makes conversions to the ...
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Lightroom totally resetting image on undo

It is not clear what you are asking but I'll try :) There is a History window in Develop module. So you can always redo all your steps after you've undone them or go back in history to any step (...
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How can I get multiple different images on one page in Lightroom's custom print layouts?

Quite easy, actually. Just select your template, whether Lightroom's 'Picture Package' or your own 'Custom Package', then drag the desired photos up from the film strip.
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Can I output from Lightroom with zero padded numbered names for use in contact cards?

In Lightroom go to File > Export (Ctrl+Shift+E) Then check "Rename to" and choose custom settings Clear out the text box and select the type of sequence you want from the drop down menu and insert. ...
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Reorganizing After Import In Lightroom

Select all of the photos you wish to re-import. Right-click, choose "Remove..." Do not choose "Remove from Disk"! Choose just Remove. Now do an import. Choose the Lightroom folder that the photos ...
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Is Lightroom 4 quicker if I use a separate catalog per image folder?

This is an old question with answers. But it's still relevant so I wanted to clarify a bit, as LR 5 still behaves sluggish when catalogues grow large. It doesn't matter so much how many images you ...
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