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How to bulk reposition hundreds of photos so all the faces lay above each other perfectly?

you might have seen these videos on YouTube where people take a selfie everyday and after a few years make a time lapse video of it. I did the same except that I didn't take all the photos witht the ...
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How do plugins manipulate an image?

This seems like an obvious question to me, but with no experience in using plugins I haven't been able to google the correct terms. When using a plugin such as the Nik collection by DxO in something ...
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How can I automate Lightroom to use a sequence of presets on a sequence of images?

I work for a used car dealership. We take 60-65 photos for each vehicle, bring them to Lightroom to color grade, crop, and straighten. This process takes about 10-15 minutes per truck and requires a ...
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Automation of culling process

Today I was going through your website for basically reducing the time made over doing the culling process in the Lightroom and found your website. Basically, we work on wedding images where we are ...
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How can I recreate Snapchat's built-in filter effects?

I found some plugins for Photoshop that got all the Instagram filters and similar features, but nowhere can I find an action file or a plugin for Photoshop that can recreate Snapchat's built-in ...
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Are there Lightroom plugins for noise reduction which work on RAW data?

I'm wondering if there's any plugin or 3rd party software for Lightroom which lets me reduce noise on RAW image data directly? I'm currently using Define2 from Nik Collection for Lightroom but it ...
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Recovery of LightRoom library following file system corruption

A few months back my disk had a file system corruption (this was the moment I realised my backup strategy sucked big way). I could recover most of my files but only using a low level recovery which ...
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Trying to create a serial number for every imported image

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the sequence numbers Lightroomor CaptureOne Pro (I'm currently using both) supports in file naming (at import or export) are not continuous, right? In other words, ...
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Run multiple exports at once in Lightroom

There are frequently occasions where I have to run multiple exports of the same image in one go, e.g. export for website (desktop/tablet/mobile/thumbs dimensions) or for social media (instagram/...
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Nik Collection plugin not working with Photoshop CC 2017

The Title says it all. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue in OSX? If so, is there a fix for it?
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How do I use Nik with Creative Cloud?

So how do I use the new free nik with cc? Do I edit in cc(PS/LR etc) then move a copy into nik or will it open in PS etc? I have downloaded the program but have not installed it yet because I am funny ...
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Do old plug-ins get transferred when updating version of Lightroom?

On Mac OS, I notice that there is a folder for plug-ins inside Adobe If I add a plug-in to this directory, will I lose it when I update to a newer version of Lightroom in the future?
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Is there a way to edit/manage/save Picasa web album photos directly from Lightroom?

I am trying to edit my photos directly from Picasa Library on lightroom and replace them with the new photos, but I can't find a good plugin. I found "Jeffrey’s “Export to PicasaWeb” Lightroom Plugin" ...
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How to retain focus point information in JPEGs exported from Lightroom?

I just tried out a plugin for Lightroom that shows the used focus points and found that it works fine for RAW files (CR2), but fails for JPEGs. The plugin notifies me that the JPEG doesn't contain the ...
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Is there any SDK to build tethering plugins to import files into Lightroom?

Lightroom by default comes up with Canon Tether plugin. Does it provide any SDK, using which we can build our own tether plugin that selectively takes files from an external source (server/folder)? ...
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Why does Lightroom create a new copy of the image before editing it by another program?

Why does Lightroom always create a new copy of the image whenever I edit the image with a 3rd party plugin? Why not just add an option to let you choose if you want to use the original raw file, ...
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Is there a photoshop plugin or any other piece of software that can do super resolution?

I want to combine multiple photographs of the same landscape to increase the resolution of the final image. More details on the method here: What ...
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Lightroom plugin development -- is it worth it?

I recently upgraded my photo organization and management workflow from "nothing at all" to Lightroom 4, and while I'm generally very pleased with the software, one feature that it's sorely lacking is ...
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What is the best lens correction software which integrates with Aperture 3?

I want to know if there are any good lens correction software (i.e. plugin) for Aperture 3? I am primarily looking for general purpose lens correction software. I have looked at the plugin page for ...
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What Photoshop plugins are must haves? [closed]

When you as a photographer edit your photos in Photoshop (after some processing using Camera Raw or Lightroom) are there any Plug-ins/Actions/etc. (free or paid) that are must haves for you as a ...
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Is there a script which will detect camera-shake blur? [closed]

Is there any existing script, either standalone (python, perl, etc.) or bridge/aperture plug-in that will detect blur of the type where you move the camera when taking the picture? I know this can be ...
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Is there an installer for the Windows version of the latest Resynthesizer plugin for Gimp?

From here : !!! The attached executables are Linux files. DO NOT download them for Windows. Also do NOT download the Python scripts for Windows (they won't ...
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9 answers

Digital Photography Plugin List [closed]

Lets find out what plugins the community is using to enhance their photo's and why that plugin matters to them. It would be great to get a list of the most readily used plugins so please comment by ...
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Looking for corner burning plug-in

At the newspaper I used to work for we had a plugin for PS that burned corners stupendously. Simple, easy to use, customizable, actionable plugin. BUT WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE THING?!? Any hints?
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Wordpress plug-in for a photoblog?

I use Wordpress for my photo-blog site and currently use Yet Another Photoblog plug-in to help manage uploading the pictures. Are there other similar plug-in's that might offer more features. I'm ...
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