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Superresolution is a class of computational-photography techniques that enhance the resolution of an imaging system.

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What does it mean when a scanner or printer has asymmetric resolution (e.g., 600 x 1200)?

What does it mean when a scanner or printer has asymmetric resolution (e.g., 600 x 1200)? If you print/scan something that is quadratic, would you get different quality if you rotated it 90 °? Isn't ...
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Tools or methods to extract frame from video which is of higher resolution by combining multiple frames

With a stationary video zoomed in, if watching as a human, more details can be "seen" over multiple frames because we're able to tune out noise and/or combine slightly shifted detail into one coherent ...
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How can I create a distortion-free high-resolution panoramic image of a three dimensional forest from a short distance?

I am building a house at the moment. At the north side of the house there is a forest. I wanted to create a very-high res photo of the forest to create a photo wallpaper (rug? what is the correct ...
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Can the diffraction limit be overcome with superresolution?

As the title says, can the diffraction limit be overcome with superresolution techniques? Or is this the absolute hard limit in optical photography without making special assumptions? If this is the ...
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Term for increasing detail with multiple exposures?

Is there a term for photography that creates an image with additional detail coming from multiple "exposures" (e.g., images) of the same scene? I'm aiming for what is essentially a subset of ...
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Night Sky SuperResolution (instead of star trails) - possible?

I don't know if this is possible, or runs into fundamental limits of sensors and photo sharpness. I want to "pretend" that I have a fancy night sky motorized rig - through software. Take a few ...
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Is there a technique for combining multiple images to create a sharper result?

I've been experimenting with photogrammetry for a while, and the main hurdle I keep tripping over is the clarity (lack thereof) of my images. Rather than spend a lot of money on a better camera, I'm ...
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Super-resolution photos by interactive focus stacking and image stitching?

When photographing highly detailed static scenes, for example a 4 metre by 2 metre whiteboard covered in handwritten post-its after a process design meeting, my phone camera (Nexus 5 in raw using the ...
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Where can I get poster printing for higher resolution than 5400 x 3600 for 36" x 24"?

The highest "common" resolution I've seen for printing a poster is 5400 x 3600 for the reasonable price of (~$15), but I have the ability to make the images I want to print (procedurally generated) as ...
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How does Super Resolution work?

Picking from this question I read the Wikipedia article but I can't understand why stacking copies of the same image over each other should enhance the image resolution?
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Is there a photoshop plugin or any other piece of software that can do super resolution?

I want to combine multiple photographs of the same landscape to increase the resolution of the final image. More details on the method here: What ...
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CSI image resolution enhance: How real is it?

So I watched the following 1 minute long Youtube clip from CSI New York. In the clip, using what seems to be the recording from a standard bank camera, they zoom in at least 100, and see the image ...
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