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Questions tagged [noise-removal]

some level of digital noise can be inevitable when taking photographs in certain situations, causing photographers to want to remove it in post-processing.

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What is the best way to remove popcorn texture from photo of old painting?

I need help removing popcorn texture from this old picture. I have tired some online apps and AI tools but they were not helpful. I know how to use adobe Photoshop a little. Thanks
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Issues with dark frame subtraction: Dark frames adding "noise" and changing image color/tint

While editing some landscape shots with stars, I tried to use darkframes to reduce the noise. More precisely, my approach was to take a series of shots, then firstly to subtract dark frames from each ...
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How to remove this noise (color patches)?

I'm having images with a visible color noise taking form of color blocks: One can reveal the patches with modular multiplication (x -> x*d%255, ...
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Filter for denoising of an old document scan

I hope this is the right forum to ask this. I've got some old documents (part of a drawing) that I want to scan, but the original documents are quite old and the color has degraded (although the paper ...
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How do I go about removing texture from a scanned photo? [duplicate]

This photo is going to be used for a departed family members funeral service. What would be the best way to remove the texture?
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How much ISO noise is removable in post?

I was experimenting by taking photos of the moon using an 1000mm MTO-11ca lens and thought I should get even closer by adding a teleconverter (Kenko Pro 300 3x). The picture quality is not sharp at ...
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How to set focus when subject is more than one object?

I have taken a photo with men dancing in a group. It was rejected by an agency stating: "The main subject is not in focus and grain noticed in the photo". Below I am giving the cropped image. Since ...
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How Does Noise Reduction Work In Canon EOS 1300D?

I have been reading review of the Canon EOS 1300D by The Digital Picture and I came across noise reduction. The color blocks in this tool, being evenly-colored, provide a worst case scenario for ...
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Where does this noise come from and how to get rid of it

I am using Darktable as my RAW processing software. In darker pictures that have been taken with an ISO of 800 or more, I frequently encounter great issues with luminance noise. The following two ...
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How can I best post-process underexposed, noisy images taken at 5000 iso?

I'm editing photos but the photographer was quite new and he took photos using Olympus OMD EM5II at 1/400, ISO 5000 and at f3.5 resulting in a underexposed noisy image. (The photos are raw.) I tried ...
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Coolpix P900 artifacts

Although I declare myself very satisfied with my Nikon Coolpix P900, I've had in my recent trip in South America numerous pictures blurred by a random artifact, and I would like to know how to avoid ...
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Are there Lightroom plugins for noise reduction which work on RAW data?

I'm wondering if there's any plugin or 3rd party software for Lightroom which lets me reduce noise on RAW image data directly? I'm currently using Define2 from Nik Collection for Lightroom but it ...
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2 answers

The best setting for Canon 70D for my application

I'm an robotics engineer and do not have any experience in photography. For a project, I need to take some pictures of some objects and need your experience to set the optimal setting because my ...
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Noise reduction in Adobe Camera Raw

When I open a raw file shot in ISO 1600 in ACR there is very little noise in the photo. But after color adjustments when i save or export as a JPG file there is much more noise visible. How can I ...
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Noise & Blue Speck in A Priority Nikon D5200

So, I took this shot indoors (bright sunny outside) using on a Nikon D5200 with A priority and Auto ISO: Photo looks ok when zoomed out. But when I zoom 1:1 in LightRoom, I see some blue specks in ...
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How to remove texture from old scanned photos?

I have a picture here I need to remove the texture. I try the FFT method but I don't get the diamonds to black out when I do it, its sorta flat. whats the best way to get rid of this?
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3 answers

Can I merge multiple photos to reduce noise?

This is not about HDR, exposure fusion, or any kind of bracketing (exposure, focus, ISO, what have you). There's an excellent iOS app called Cortex Camera that takes a couple of dozen photos in a ...
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Should I use a single denoising method with aggressive settings, or combine different methods?

I shot some pictures at night, at ISO 3200, and they are of course extremely noisy. But I want to keep them, and make them as decently looking as I can. I use Darktable as a workflow software, and ...
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What's the professional approach to removing noise from a cell phone pic?

I have a cell phone photo that's a bit grainy and slightly blurry. It's not the out-of-focus type of blur, but the blur brought on when edges run together due to lack of sharpness. I have Adobe ...
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What algorithms or example tools are there for denoising of images in Raw format?

I am trying to perform some post-processing of Camera Raw images captrued using my Canon EOS 450-D. I am using PS CS5 and GIMP particulary to remove noise which is present in images. My questions is: ...
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What is noise in a digital photograph?

What kinds of effects are present in digital images that are referred to as "noise"? What are the different sources of noise? What causes each type of noise? What are the characteristics of the ...
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Are there any good open source noise removal tools?

In particular that run natively on Linux.
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11 answers

What noise removal tools work best, and why?

Can anyone recommend some good noise removal tools, free and commercial? Should support RAW and JPEG. Are certain tools better than others in particular situations? Do some integrate better with other ...
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