So how do I use the new free nik with cc? Do I edit in cc(PS/LR etc) then move a copy into nik or will it open in PS etc? I have downloaded the program but have not installed it yet because I am funny in that I like to know what to do with anything first. Any help would be much appreciated. j


It's a plugin. Try the help files or documentation from Nik if you want to know how to use it(here). If want to see the install in action see here or check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEvOA6a4Gf0


When you install the Nik collection, there will be a component where you select which program you have (PS, Lightroom, Elements, etc.)

The collection will be accessible from within the program. I use Elements and access it in the "Filters" menu.

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