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Questions regarding technique, as opposed to style, hardware, or software.

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Two-way Mirror to Protect Objects

You see in a lot of museums, art galleries and even aquariums about not using flash photography or just any photography so that it protects whatever is on display. Is there potential to use two-way ...
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Why doesn't a shorter shutter time cause less capture time/ readout time?

If I make a video @ 120 FPS and a shutter speed of 1/12000 from my pwm controlled lamp, which flickers at around 1300 Hz, I get those 11 rolling shutter bars: (11 Cycles in 1/120s equals around ...
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What's the effect in photography that these paintings are trying to replicate?

What's the effect in photography that these paintings are trying to copy where the colors get blown out and faded at the edges, and the colors start to get all wonky (full album, two examples below): ...
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Resources for learning MF photography with Mamiya RB67 Pro S

I hope this is on-topic! I have inherited a Mamiya RB67 Pro S Film Camera. I have used 35mm SLR film cameras in the past and I have a basic understanding of manual photography (gained from Ansel ...
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Shooting small birds against a light sky

I was trying to shoot a small bird (black wings and back with white belly) against the sky which was overcast. The image was properly exposed but the colours were desaturated. Lens Nikon 200-500 1/500,...
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How can I take better pictures of an Apple Watch screen using an iPhone?

I lost my phone and all of the photos on it. I have an Apple Watch, and it has my favorite photos on it. To pair it to my new phone, I have to erase all of the data. There’s no way to “save” these ...
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What lighting setup is needed for this kind of professional headshot?

Aside from the lighting setup, certain background settings? What I can't seem to understand is the "glow" around the head and shoulders. Is there some recipe? Considering the shadows I can ...
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Is there a known practice of post-processing to make a finished photo while viewing a subject?

Photographers often aim to create a work that accurately depicts a subject, and/or is informed or inspired by the experience they had looking at it. A significant part of the work of making a photo is ...
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Why can't HSS mode be automatically turned on for shutter speeds faster than the max speed sync?

When you have a flash system attached to your camera, you cannot shoot faster than your maximum speed sync (which usually is 1/200s or 1/250s in most models). If you need to go faster, then you have ...
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How do you implement a constructivist style in taking photo's?

I have a question regarding implementing a specific technique in photography. The question is, how do you apply a constructivist style to objects you photograph, say flowers or trees(doesn't really ...
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How to take macro shots with extreme magnification?

My current setup for macro shots is a 85mm prime on a fullframe body with 3 extension tubes (about 70mm in total). I do get pretty close but I saw some images of insects that have an EXTREME ...
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What technique did Scott Mutter use in his famous photomontage "Untitled (Library)", and what meaning does that approach help convey?

I really like this photo by Scott Mutter so I was want to know about the techniques used.
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Techniques and meaning in László Moholy-Nagy photo

This image below is called the Funkturm Berlin (Berlin Radio Tower) and is taken by László Moholy-Nagy. I have done so research but haven't found much. I was wanting to know the techniques used in ...
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Why increasing number of cameras on drone improves resolution?

Pegasus drone and in general use normal cameras but surprisingly have the same effect of high magnification telescope. I know using several monitors improves ...
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What's the name for the technique where a portrait-oriented image is filled-out to a landscape one with a scaled-up blurred version of the same image?

It is very common nowadays, specially with smartphone videos and photos. It consists of adding the same picture zoomed in the background, to turn a portrait image into a landscape one, as seen below. ...
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Is there a way to do automatic batch surveys in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC?

After I do the first culling, where I remove unusable pictures (unrecoverable bad exposure, lack of focus, etc) I like to use survey mode to choose the best pictures and avoid pictures that are too ...
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Good health practices for photographers

As many other professions. photographers tend to suffer of particular health issues, related to the way we use the first and most important piece of our equipment: our bodies. Manufacturers are ...
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Perfect Full reflection from a small puddle possible?

Something like this image for example. Is this possible without any sort of editing?
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Guiding path for circular time lapse

I am contemplating taking a picture of a subject from a different angle until I reach a complete circle. As for the frequency, let's assume something from the range of one photo every 1 degree (that ...
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Why does the chair and the grandpa look bigger and inflated? [duplicate]

I Was watching one of the actually good movies. In one of the scenes the grandpa tries to "preach" the teens. Here is the scene Its not very obvious but for some reason the chair and the granpa ...
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Does the development time in Massive Dev Chart include the agitation time?

I'm looking at the Massive Dev Chart website. It shows a table like this: Does the time shown there include the agitation time?
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How to make a not so good looking person more appealing? [closed]

This is a awkward question to ask but one that I have been searching for an answer. While taking head shots, is it possible to make a not so good looking person look more appealing in pictures? ...
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10 answers

Why do people keep telling me that I am a bad photographer?

In general, I do not like taking photos much. But I have some female friends, including my flatmate, who I hang out with and they love taking photos and they always ask me to do it. However, all of ...
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What is "Photo Chromography" and when would it have been in use?

I have an old photo of a woman that is in a very thick beveled glass and on the back it has print stating "Photo Chromography". It is an advertisement saying "This the most recent discovery in ...
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how can I have equivalent exposure and identical white balance while changing f stops using speedlight?

how can I have equivalent exposure and identical white balance while changing f stops using speedlight? im shooting from shoes when it comes to the moment of changing f stops from 5 to 16 in order to ...
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3 answers

How to get the most out of low-level monochromatic light?

Do you have any best practices in general for shooting in low-level monochromatic light? This is easily my least favorite lighting condition. Say you're at a Halloween party, and everybody is hanging ...
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What is a good workflow for cropping images in the field

Sometimes when I am out taking photos I for some reason or another take a photo with then intention of cropping it later. (Can be lack of a long lens, straitening lines by taking only the top half or ...
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What do I need to consider when taking martial arts technique photos for a book? [closed]

I plan to publish a book on martial arts (a printed book; but I am also considering an ebook). It will contain a lot of photos depicting the individual techniques. My question is, what quality photos ...
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How to scatter small items like leaves on the ground

How these instagrammers do photography like on the pictures below. Small scattered items (leaves, etc) on the ground. I do think that it was shot as is. If to look better, possible to notice that same ...
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Glowing figures photo technique

I want to understand how to create this effect. Part of Encounters / Visual Strangeness IIV, by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen Possibly a post production effect but possibly in camera...
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How to get more pin sharp shots with a lens known for inaccurate autofocus?

I have the Tamron 70-200/2.8 Macro lens (used on a Nikon D800), which is known for its inaccurate autofocus. Since I cannot rely on the lens to achieve accurate focus every time, the rational thing to ...
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How does a photographer edit to get a photo to look this clean? [closed]

I saw this pic recently and I love to quality and sharpness but I have no idea how one edits to get such a look. I know the photographer used A Nikon D750 and a Nikon 24-70 Here's a second example. ...
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How do I achieve soft, dreamy, old-like photos? (May be thru film) [closed]

How do I achieve soft, dreamy, old-like photos? (May be thru film) An example: It seems like it may be film photography? If so, how do you achieve outcomes like ...
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What technique is used on old technical brochure pictures, which look like a "polished" or "smoothed" rendering?

I'm seeing a lot of old picture from probably 19xx till 1970 which have such a clean perfect look. For a better explanation, I added two examples. As in the comments mentioned, the second one is ...
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How can I improve my photographs of bedsheets for use in an online store?

Background I sell bed sheets, I usually get product images with complete bed room set, while I wanted just bed sheet digital print image that I can use in any bed room mockup, to test different ...
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How do I take pictures of a mat from the top? [duplicate]

My mats are 6x9 feet and I want to take pictures at a perpendicular angle from the top so that it is even. As of now I am taking pictures from the side. Here is how I am looking to take the picture: ...
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Moving Image interesting? [closed]

Do you think we will be able to print moving images soon? Would people buy and use such a camera? I’m working on a new design and technology for a camera. Would be glad to hear your opinions.
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How can I align my camera with a very thin object?

I am trying to take pictures of a fluid interface touching a thin plate. This plate is 0.01 inch thick and 3 inches wide. I've included a sample image below. Is there a good way to align my camera ...
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How to photograph a few dozen calligraphic greeting cards in exquisite detail?

I need to photograph a few dozen hand-written calligraphic greeting cards in exquisite detail so that a calligrapher can try to combine the style. While I have reasonable experience in personal ...
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How to convey a sense of depth & distance in a landscape?

I've noticed that some photos of landscapes make me feel the depth and immersion, don't know how to describe it, just the true feeling that the photo isn't really flat. Other photos rather look ...
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Cutting film in half - what does it do?

I found this article about different types of film. Nicholas Nixon shoots 11×14 Kodak Tri-X and he says this: “Tri-X Professional 320 ISO rating, but I cut it in half because it makes the shadows ...
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help with moon flares

I recently switched from a cropped sensor, APS-C Sony to a full frame sensor Sony. When I would take pictures of the moon with the cropped sensor, I would get this: 15s, f1.4, ISO 1000. And this is ...
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Would shooting in infrared increase visibility of handprints on a wall?

Would shooting in infrared increase visibility of handprints on a wall? I currently need to shoot some photos of some faint handprints a child made on a wall many years ago. Thanks
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Shooting portraits - aperture size and focusing techniques [duplicate]

I've recently bought a nikon 50mm prime 1/1.8f lens, and I'm learning about shooting portrait photos. What I wonder about is how to focus on the eyes while having ...
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Is there a term for overlapping images due to incomplete film transport?

When using cameras with manual film transport, it is possible to create partially overlapping exposures, for example by manipulating the transport with the rewind button. Is there a special term for ...
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Same photo at different time?

I want to take photos how some places look now. I have photos how they looked few years ago but I can't shot the photo at the same angle. Any idea how this can be done? Examples:
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How to choose the most appropriate composition?

I've read What and how to crop? & yes, I really do understand the theory - even if it boils down to pick an aspect you like & emphasise it. I don't want this to be a "which one do you like ...
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How to take over-under (split) water photographs without special gear?

I want to know how to take photographs where half of the frame is underwater and half above water using basic gear. What are the considerations, steps, and techniques involved in producing such a ...
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How can I take better pictures of myself at home with a mobile phone?

I'm a beginner photographer. When I try to take photos of myself, they don't look as good as I look to myself. I don't have anyone else to take photos of me. I am using an Android phone to take ...
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how to make this kind of photo?

i would like to learn how to make this picture ; i tried double exposition technique but didnt succeed, pls can you help me pls? thanks ; what is the technique and method used to create it ? i tried ...
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