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Focus points only visible in the dark on my EOS 550D

I bought a used 550D body recently. Everything was fine the first night I used it, however after a flight across Europe (might've possibly gotten a bump along the way, although not that I'm aware of) ...
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Is it normal for AF points other than the selected one to be slightly illuminated on a Nikon DSLR?

I have a Nikon D3300. When in single point AF mode, besides the selected AF point, some of the surrounding AF points also gets very slightly illuminated (as if there is some leakage from the main AF ...
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Why is the focus indicator light always on in single point focus mode on my D7000?

I switched my settings on my Nikon D7100 to single point focus but now as soon as I turn my camera on, I have a square focus icon in my viewfinder, not just when I press on back button focus. This can'...
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How do you even see the focus area rectangle when in dark?

I was reading the manual for my camera and well they have a rectangular kind of area that they show in viewfinder and those little squares as focus point and how to change those focus points. But the ...
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How to retain focus point information in JPEGs exported from Lightroom?

I just tried out a plugin for Lightroom that shows the used focus points and found that it works fine for RAW files (CR2), but fails for JPEGs. The plugin notifies me that the JPEG doesn't contain the ...
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Can slightly misaligned focus points and focus screen result in focusing issues?

I'm using an Canon 1Ds mk II with the focusing screen "Ec-D: Laser-matte with grid" that has a grid dividing the screen both horizontally and vertically. Lighting up the focus points clearly shows ...
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What are the downsides of setting the autofocus point brightness to the highest setting?

On the Canon 1Ds bodies there is a custom function that lets you set the brightness of the autofocus points. I find them a lot easier to see if set to the brightest setting. Are there any downsides of ...
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How are the red focus point indicators displayed on a DSLR's focusing screen?

The question Why do the focus points leds in my viewfinder appear shadowed? raises another question for me. How are these indicator lights implemented in typical DSLRs? Are they actually small LEDs ...
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Why do the focus points leds in my viewfinder appear shadowed?

The focus points leds (red colored ones), looks shadowed (smudged) in my Canon 550D. Not all points, but the bottom 3 points, when the light glows, looks kind of shadowed. I tried cleaning the both ...
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