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What is different between the Lensbaby Spark and Lensbaby Muse?

I wanted to try out the Lensbaby. The initial range has Muse and the Spark. Spark being the newer one has a lot of documentation and reviews on the net and is cheaper too. But Muse on the other hand ...
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Can the lensbaby achieve a similar effect to a ± 8.5° tilt?

I quite enjoy the ± 8.5° tilt that the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 provides. The cost is quite high at around $2,000USD. It seems that some people use lensbaby lenses for something of a similar effect. What ...
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How does the Lensbaby Scout perform as a cheap fisheye lens?

I'm interested in the Lensbaby Scout since it seems like a cheap fish-eye option, but I am unsure how it performs. What about the lens's quality (build quality, image quality, and optical quality)?. ...
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Which Lensbaby Sweet 35 or Edge 80 effects are harder to reproduce post-processing?

I want some suggestions from Lensbaby users. I have the plastic optic, double glass and fisheye optic. I use the composer. The recent new optics: Sweet 35 and Edge 80 seem very intriguing and I ...
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Why isn't TTL metering accurate when using a non-electronic lens?

I recently bought a Lensbaby lens and I played with it a lot. Then lens is awesome but I have one big and annoying problem and is that TTL metering fails miserably when using P, TV and M modes. I ...
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What's the difference between the Lensbaby Composer and the Composer Pro?

What's the main difference between the Composer and the Composer Pro? The only difference that the reviews mention is the metal construction. Has anyone tried both? Is there any significant ...
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Tips for using the Lensbaby 3G?

I just picked one up as a much less expensive option than a tilt/shift lens for the Pentax mount (they're hard to find and crazy expensive for the K-mount). I have done some experimental shots with it,...
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How do I get shaped bokeh without a Lensbaby?

Is there a good hardware solution for generating shaped bokeh? I know Lensbaby has a set of filters that give various shapes — is there a similar solution for other lens?
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