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When to use diffuser, reflector, fill flash and ND filter?

This question stems from the answers I received for another question "Is 35mm on a cropped sensor good for fashion photography?" I have been watching couple of videos where the photographer uses a ...
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Is this photo a correct example of how a reflector can be used for fill?

The photo below is from Wikipedia. I've used it as an example of how effective reflected sunlight can be to for fill on a subject who otherwise would be too dark due to shadowing. I've been at the ...
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Why are foil reflectors used instead of mirrors

Are there any other reasons for the usage of foil reflectors instead of mirrors than the ability to fold and store in small spaces? (Mirrors reflect the light more efficiently?)
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Is there any type of cloth that reflects light well?

I like to have V-Flats on location but I have a small sedan car, also wind can throw them away, and also they are not easy to fold and carry around. I was thinking: if I go to a fabric store and buy ...
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What is the difference between Prophoto's Zoom Reflector and Wide Zoom reflector?

On Profoto Zoom Reflector page, it says Light spread: 105° at position 10, and in Wide Zoom Reflector page It says 80° at position 10. So isn't 105 degrees wider than 80 degrees? Then why the other ...
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3 answers

Who was the first to introduce a beauty dish?

Who and when first introduced or used a beauty dish? Also known as a softlight reflector. There's a lot of articles on the net on how to use a beauty dish, and on how it is important for fashion and ...
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3 answers

How can I use a reflector for wider group shots?

I am a budding photographer and have taken some good one-person and couple photos but I am needing help using a reflector. I am shooting a family of 3 in a week. It will be outdoors but mostly in ...
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8 votes
6 answers

What cheap equipment can I use to hold a reflector in place?

Assuming I don't have any friend that help with my photography, what can I do to hold a reflector in position while I shoot? Let's assume that if I'm cheap enough to use a windshield sunshade as a ...
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What lighting equipment to purchase for under $50?

I'm an enthusiastic beginner with Canon 550D, shooting both stills and videos, indoors and outdoors. My biggest problem is strong shades and insufficient light when photographing people. I figured ...
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What lighting effects do the various surfaces of a 5-way reflector produce?

I have a '5 Way Reflector' that I want to use in my photography, which includes the following 5 options: Gold reflective Silver reflective Gold/silver alternating pattern reflective White Scrim/...
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6 votes
3 answers

How can I tell if a reflector is pure white?

I want to use a piece of fabric as an inexpensive reflector. Is there any way to find out if it is pure white, so that I can be sure it will not add a colour cast to the light it reflects?
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What does a black reflector do?

I'm familiar with using white / silver / gold reflectors to add fill light to a photo. When would you use a black "reflector"?
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