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Natural Lighting is lighting that only uses what light is available and does not add any through the use of flash or other specialised lighting setups.

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Edit like Andrew Bayda or Roman Ivanov ( Vogue Style )

I'm a wedding photographer and want to change my style. Does someone know how these people do this vogue style with contrast and colors? Maybe they are using Capture One? ...
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Matte box for my S20 Ultra?

I'm shooting products in daylight for a business project. I noticed sometimes there is a haze from the sun and cupping my hand in front of the lens eliminates it significantly. Are there any options ...
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What analysis can be done on #piegate photo to support it?

Sarah Sanders posted this image in a tweet: Some folks assumed that she didn't really bake the pie. Most of these folks cited either "that pie looks too perfect" as their evidence or cited nothing at ...
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Best colour to chroma key in natural lighting

What is in natural lighting conditions and in an outdoor setting (European forest) the best colour to use for an object you later want to use a chroma key projection on to maximize hue contrast? None ...
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Is there any type of cloth that reflects light well?

I like to have V-Flats on location but I have a small sedan car, also wind can throw them away, and also they are not easy to fold and carry around. I was thinking: if I go to a fabric store and buy ...
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How to capture the sun rays falling inside a forest?

How to capture the sun rays falling inside a forest and light passing through a window. Even though they are visible to our naked eyes they seems tough to be captured with DSLR. I read snow and dust ...
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Too much "Grain" in photos [duplicate]

i'm trying to produce a few mockup pictures of a person using a tablet around the house. These are the conditions: Camera Nikon D90, Lens 18-55 The pictures were taken in the morning Indoors but the ...
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What time of day provides the best Natural lighting for Macro Photography?

When using natural lighting in macro photography, what times of day provide the light? Specifically for photographing flowers (but they are not my only subject). Also how is natural lighting used ...
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What are techniques for enhancing visibility of photos under natural, outdoor daylight?

I'm trying to find techniques for making photos more visible under daylight (i.e., when daylight reflects off the photo displayed on a screen or print). Does anyone know of any photo editing ...
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What's the technical difference between artificial and natural light?

Comments like this one got me wondering... Assuming two light sources of equal size and relative intensity (let's say as an example monolights and the sun) and assuming that you're shooting raw to ...
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How to take saturated portraits like these (with natural lighting)?

The photographer of these portraits claimed he used a 50mm f/1.8 prime with no special lighting equipment:
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