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Beauty Dish revisited - Good for "bad" skin?

From my personal experience a beauty dish produces very soft light in the center, almost soft box like. Away from the center light becomes directional, harder. It is just the opposit of what is ...
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Storing beauty dishes?

I have a number of beauty dishes (ranging from 20.5-22.5” diameter and 8-9” depth) and due to the counter reflectors they obviously don’t nest well like other reflectors. Has anyone come up with a ...
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How does the size of a modifier affect light coverage?

How does the size of the modifier affect coverage? I watched a YouTube video yesterday comparing different size umbrellas, wherein they claimed that the size of the modifier does not affect the area ...
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Recommended strobe power for beauty dish?

I'm about to upgrade from a few simple speedlites with umbrellas to a couple of studio strobes with beauty dish / softbox for indoor portrait shooting. First I want to get one strobe and beauty dish ...
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What type of stand is needed for a beauty dish?

I've never used a beauty dish and I'm not sure what's the typical way of positioning it. I want to shoot on location and not in a studio setup, and I don't have an assistant. What kind of stand do I ...
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3 answers

Who was the first to introduce a beauty dish?

Who and when first introduced or used a beauty dish? Also known as a softlight reflector. There's a lot of articles on the net on how to use a beauty dish, and on how it is important for fashion and ...
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What are the lighting characteristics of a beauty dish?

How does light from a beauty dish behave, and when and why would you use one?
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