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Profoto B2 System battery issues

I bought a brand new B2 a while ago as a hobbyist. Rarely used. I now have 2 batteries that won't take a charge. In other words, I have a boat anchor. It's completely silly for me to purchase 500.00 ...
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Has anyone successfully restored or revived a completely discharged Profoto B2 Lithium Ion Battery?

I purchased a Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit which comes with two lithium ion batteries. Unfortunately, other than testing it when I got it, I never really needed to use the second battery as my ...
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How do I stack different brand flash controllers on my Canon 5D Mark III and still have full TTL and power control?

I am trying to control two off-camera flashes with my Canon 5D Mark III. The first flash is a Profoto B1. The other flash is a YN600EX-RT speedlight mounted on a Yongnuo YN622C II transceiver unit. ...
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What is the difference between Prophoto's Zoom Reflector and Wide Zoom reflector?

On Profoto Zoom Reflector page, it says Light spread: 105° at position 10, and in Wide Zoom Reflector page It says 80° at position 10. So isn't 105 degrees wider than 80 degrees? Then why the other ...
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What kind of results can I expect with a Profoto Zoom Reflector?

I am trying to find sample photos that are made with the "Profoto Zoom Reflector 2". I looked the reflector up in YouTube videos and a Google image search, and I still don't get what kind of light ...
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Do all TTL systems calculate the same exposure?

Do all TTL systems calculate the same exposure? Three options for example: Nikon SB-910 flashes, you can do TTL with them. You can use PocketWizard Flex/Minis ...
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Can I mix the Profoto off-camera flash system with other Nikon flashes?

If I get a Profoto B1, from what I read they do TTL and they have their own AirRmote trigger which is all important for me ( I do want Remote trigger and ...
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