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How do I give permission to a photographer, to sell images of me, on Stock Photography websites such as Alamy or Shutterstock?

Do I need to give permission in writing to a photographer to sell photos of me on Stock Photography websites like Alamy. Let's assume that person is a trusted family member. Is letting them know it's ...
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Taking Photographs of People in a Restaurant - UK

I have a question about taking photographs of customers in a restaurant situation - where I've asked them and they've given permission. I've been asked to shoot a restaurant in London, and will be ...
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Does advertising your photography services mean all photos on your portfolio are classed as commercial?

TL;DR - Would photographs that I've captured and displayed on my personal photography website be considered commercial if I'm not selling them? I would purely be selling my general photography ...
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Can I invoice the owner of a publication for failing to adhere to conditions of use? [closed]

I recently provided a photograph to a publisher to be reproduced for free, on the condition that a credit was included alongside the photograph. When I saw the publication, the image has no credit ...
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Do I need permission to take photos of my work

I am a builder based in the UK and often take photos of my completed work with the intention to post on my website. I have recently had a client complain, do I need permission?
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Someone took a picture of me and is saying I can't use it

A photographer took some pictures of me and said I could use them to post on instagram and online. They have since said I am not allowed to use 'their work' even though I am the person in the picture. ...
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Copyright for photos I took whilst “self employed” UK

Total newbie here, having some trouble from a ex-boss. I’m a dog walker in the UK I “worked” for someone else’s business as self employed. No contract, they give me a rota of dogs to walk, I invoice ...
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Personal Image vs Photographer Copyright

I had some piercing work done at a private residence by someone who has quite a few followers. I asked them to take some pictures on my phone but they told me not to worry and that they had a camera. ...
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Getting permission to photograph infrastructure and industrial sites

For purely aesthetic reasons, I want to be able to photograph places like power plants, factories, railroads, (industrial) farms, and so on. However, owners and operators of such facilities are not ...
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Can I take a picture of things on display in someone's house?

All right, so, here's the scenario: A friend or family member invites you to their house, you happily come over, and inside you notice that they have, say, a framed picture or write up. Would it be ...
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How to ask for permission to access rooftops in New York City?

I've been shooting for about a year doing a little bit of everything and I have a real passion for doing architecture and cityscapes in New York City and would like to take advantage of everything it ...
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2 answers

Do I need consent prior to posting pictures on social media?

I took engagement pictures for friends last year. I wasn't paid or given credit. I now want to get into photography and want to put those pics on my social media site. Would I need consent?
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What is the process involved in acquiring permission to photograph within a mall?

I have a client who needs to shoot a video of walking into a mall to a kiosk where he will be selling products. The problem is he has gotten kicked out of every mall he has tried to film inside ...
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Is seeking permission my responsibility on a commercial shoot for a client?

A building firm have asked me to do a commercial shoot of the interior of various hotels and leisure centres that they have worked on. Is it up to the building firm to get permission from each of the ...
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How should I approach people to take their portrait?

I recently saw a photographer's project on-line, where he takes 1 portrait each day of a total stranger. The project along with countless hours of looking at Steve McCurry's work sparked some interest ...
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Is there any license for photographer?

Can anyone with a camera shoot whatever he wants? Is there any license or permit that is given to a photographer? Or should a photographer take the permission of the subject he shoots (if it is a ...
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Where can I find/ask about restrictions at airports for photographing?

I had my camera with me the other day and was going to use my lunch break to take some photos at the local airport of landings and takeoffs. However with the security concerns that seem to always be ...
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Do you need photo permission for landscape work you/your landscape company has done?

We own a landscape company and we wanted to use photos of landscape jobs we've installed and photos of gardens we have planted. Do we need permission to post these photos we've taken on our website?
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If I took a photo of a celebrity do I need their permission to share the photo on my blog? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Celebrity photographies copyrights My sister & I took a picture with a pro bull rider, do I need their permission to share the photo on my blog? (I also included their ...
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What steps should I take if my photo is used without permission?

I like contributing to community groups with my photos, such as to Flickr photopools, and some more local groups. I do it mainly for feedback and improvements, and, quite honestly, I like it when ...
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