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2 answers

How can I be sure that a photo from wasn't stolen from another person?

As you all probably know, most photos on can be used for commercial purposes. My question now is, how can I be sure, that the photo from that I would be using (e.g. on my ...
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Does advertising your photography services mean all photos on your portfolio are classed as commercial?

TL;DR - Would photographs that I've captured and displayed on my personal photography website be considered commercial if I'm not selling them? I would purely be selling my general photography ...
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Is a 1" (one inch) sensor camera workable for stock or commercial photography?

Is it possible to deliver commercially-acceptable results using a 1-inch sensor size camera (let me suggest Sony RX10M4 / Panasonic FZ1000M2 as an example camera here)? By the commercially-acceptable ...
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Where can I find information about what things require property releases and what don't?

In order to license pictures to stock photography providers, one needs to include a model or property release when needed. For instance, in they claim that: The Eiffel tower by day does not ...
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How do you reproduce this lighting setup

May you help me deconstructing the following image so I can learn how the lighting setup is done?
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Corporate model objection instead of model release

Firstly, we require every person to fill out a model release. We now have hundreds of model releases on file. It's getting a bit out of hand. Instead, what we'd like to do is include verbiage in the ...
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15 votes
2 answers

What techniques were used in this late 1970s car ad featuring a family picnicking with giraffes?

Judging from the registration number, I am guessing it is a commercial poster for/in the UK. I would like to know, any additional information: who photographed it, location, when? how it might have ...
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How unusual would contact-printing be for a portrait studio's commercial output?

I was looking at some pictures by Mike Disfarmer included in the Time-Life Yearbook 1977/78, and was struck by a note in the accompanying text: There is no retouching [...] Disfarmer's portraits ...
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1 answer

Is a superzoom fixed-lens camera or a DSLR better to get started with for wildlife/nature photography?

I am a beginner photographer and have been told I have a knack for it. I am looking to buy a new camera and hope to be able to sell the images. The point and shoot camera would probably be the Canon ...
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Is my gear good enough for commercial and product photography? [closed]

I am an amateur photographer; I've been using my Nikon D5200 as a camera for all kind of shots. After several courses and lessons, I am intending to become more pro, and now I have a job opportunity ...
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1 answer

Any reason not to set ALL photos to "300dpi"? [duplicate]

I run a site where multiple photographers upload and sell their photos to my users. Some of them just want to buy a JPEG, some of them want to buy a JPEG to print. You and I both know that a ...
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27 votes
12 answers

How should I respond to a lowball offer for commercial use of one of my photographs?

I have recently had a request from a TV production company to use a photo they have seen on Flickr that they wish to use as a background for some interviews. They have offered me $1 for the photo to ...
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Privacy and commercial use of photos [duplicate]

[Removed unnecessary questions and rephrased the question] I have a few concerns about taking pictures of people for commercial and non-commercial purposes [U.S.]. Can I post online pictures of ...
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How could I make the most money from a sensationalist picture?

Assume I, a photography amateur, took a really sensationalist picture (or small video) for which exists really high demand immediately. Assume virtuall all media companies are really eager to buy my ...
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2 answers

Is seeking permission my responsibility on a commercial shoot for a client?

A building firm have asked me to do a commercial shoot of the interior of various hotels and leisure centres that they have worked on. Is it up to the building firm to get permission from each of the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to photograph a bathroom for a commercial client

I have been asked to do a commercial shoot which will involve shooting interiors with a lot of tiled surfaces (bathrooms, receptions, leisure centres). I will be on my own without the aid of an ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How to prevent commercial use of a photo?

I got a request from a guy who'd like to use this image of mine for a print. I am normally open to non-commercial (simple attribution is okay) usage of my photos. So, I wrote "Drop me a flickr mail or ...
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What workflow should I use for managing model releases?

Managing and collecting model releases might become a tiresome job, specially for hobby photographers like me. Asking a stranger to sign a paper might become trick in most cases, specially in a 3rd ...
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What should one consider before signing contract with a microstock agency like Getty?

Getty has shown interest in some of my images in flickr. This is my first time experience with microstock agencies. I am kind of nervous as well as excited. Is there anything in particular I should ...
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How could I earn money without the administrative headaches?

I have a day-job that I don't intend to leave to pursue photography professionally, but I would like to be able to earn some money from my photography. I've already invested in equipment, so I'm ...
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