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How do I give permission to a photographer, to sell images of me, on Stock Photography websites such as Alamy or Shutterstock?

Do I need to give permission in writing to a photographer to sell photos of me on Stock Photography websites like Alamy. Let's assume that person is a trusted family member. Is letting them know it's ...
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3 answers

Checklist for Technical Critique

Is there a checklist that covers the basic technical aspects of a photograph? I assume reviewers for micro stock websites go through a set list of points and professionals have some mental checklist ...
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Selling photographs: Getty or Shutterstock?

I've had around 11 photos on Getty now for around a year: However, none have sold. Getty also makes you sign an exclusive agreement so you can't have the same images on other stock sites. I have ...
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Help me choose: Olympus OM-D EM-5, Fujy X-Pro1, Sony Nex 7, or?

I'm a owner of a Sony A700 with some good lenses and a Sony NEX5 with the kit lens but I'm not happy. The A700 is too big and heavy, and the lenses too, and I can't stand the lack of an OVF/EVF on ...
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Do any stock photography sites pay 100% of sales out to photographers?

I've come over from Stack Overflow to see if anyone here uses stock photography/microstock sites and knows if any of the many out there currently give 100% of sales to photographers? Obviously they'...
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What should one consider before signing contract with a microstock agency like Getty?

Getty has shown interest in some of my images in flickr. This is my first time experience with microstock agencies. I am kind of nervous as well as excited. Is there anything in particular I should ...
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