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Questions tagged [united-kingdom]

Questions about photography in the UK, or about the laws surrounding photography in the UK.

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2 answers

Consent for multiple photos at a UK sports event

Given this situation: a photographer working for a UK sports venue where general public can attend (with tickets) photos taken are of of various different types, wide group shots down to individuals ...
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3 answers

Can I use my work photos on my personal website?

I'm employed full time by a UK-based manufacturing company, and one of the primary aspects of my job role is to create images and videos of our products. I shoot all the video, take all the photos ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Do I need a permit to take pictures on UK university ground I'm a student at?

Today light was delightful and I went taking some photographs on my university campus. I like urban and industrial pictures and so I was shooting buildings and back alleys. After about 20 minutes I ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What is the legality of selling prints of "private land" in the UK?

I have recently decided to try and sell my photographs as prints in mounts. I have seen on the National Trust website that selling images of their locations is not allowed with out a permit, which is ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is photography banned at Birmingham New Street Station (UK)?

I was in Birmingham New Street Station today with my camera and tripod ready to take some photographs of this cool new building. While I was setting up, a member of what appeared to be security staff ...
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2 answers

Who has ownership of images taken for work in UK?

I work for a UK higher education institute, and have taken some photos for online & print (surgical procedures, labs, equipment etc) Photography is not a part of my job description. Who owns the ...
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2 answers

Publishing photos in UK

Does anyone know the legal aspects for the following situation? At a sports competition someone took photos of me. They have since posted them on Facebook and on a commercial website, where anyone can ...
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Can I give a company a two-year license to product images, in the U.K.?

I am shooting products for a company. I wanted to know how I can give them just a two-year right over my images to be shown in the catalogue. Is this possible? Does this come automatically with ...
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