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What is the advantage of rolling shutters, if any? [duplicate]

I have read a lot about global and rolling shutters, and it seems from what I have read that the global shutter is better than the rolling shutters when it comes to moving objects. On the other side ...
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Why the ball is not round? [duplicate]

Why the ball is not round on following crop: SS = 1/60 What's going on?
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What is the cause of this speed-dependent distortion? [duplicate]

I took this shot using a Sony Xperia SP with OpenCamera, here are some details: Exposure: 1/800 ISO: 50 Aperture: f/2.4 focal length: 3.0 The photo was taken out of a train, at around 160km/h, the ...
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Do fluorescent lighting and shutter speed create a problem with color cast?

I took a bunch of photos at my son's martial arts club using a D90 with a 50mm F1.8. The club is lit with overhead fluorescent lighting, and I was getting some weird results where some shots are "...
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What exactly is flash sync speed, and should it be a factor in a buying decision?

What exactly is flash sync speed and should it be a factor in a buying decision?
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Should I use the highest shutter speed for regular shooting?

Is it a good practice if I always use the highest shutter speed for regular shooting? I mean, in the day, with good lighting, where I don't need any special effects like trailing? I am thinking this ...
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What configuration would limit my DSLR's shutter speed to 1/200?

I'm using a T4i with a 100mm f/2.8L (with macro twin flash). In manual mode, I could select any shutter speed down to 1/4000. However, when shooting the DSLR would set it back to 1/200. Does it depend ...
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Which cameras can sync at faster than 1/250?

I am told that certain (mostly older) DSLRs can sync (i.e. successfully work with flash) at shutter speeds faster than 1/250 of a second. Which makes / models can do this? Update Thank you for all ...
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Disadvantages of electronic first curtain shutter?

There is a setting in menu of my camera wether to use or not to use electronic first curtain shutter. So far I know that using electronic first curtain reduces shutter lag and the noise my camera ...
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Why do DSLRs in movie mode have a rolling shutter instead of a global shutter?

Correct me if I'm wrong: When I take a picture, the sensor gathers the light information "as a whole" during the exposure time and then saves it in the card. When I make a movie, the sensor scans ...
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Why is there a mechanical shutter in a digital camera?

I understand that in a camera the diameter of shutter opening — the aperture — controls how much light comes in, and this affects the resulting exposure. But I don't understand why, in a digital ...
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What is sync speed? [duplicate]

When referring to flash exposure, what does "max sync speed" mean?
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If a rolling shutter travels from top to bottom, why does this image seem to show skew in the other direction?

In the picture below you can see that the rolling shutter moves downwards...i.e., it exposes the light to the sensor from top to bottom. . So the information that the sensor recieves is a bit ...
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Why does the left windmill have too many blades?

Ok, check this shot out: These are the 3 windmills in Marshfield Massachusetts. It was shot from Provincetown, MA about 35 miles away. (I wasn't out to shoot them, I was shooting Right Whales... I ...
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Why do I see this yellow color shift at high ISOs and fast shutter speeds? [duplicate]

I recently purchased a full-frame DSLR with a reported highest ISO of 204,800. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of the high ISO range and how far Lightroom and Aperture (I use each of them) can ...
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