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How do fast shutter speeds actually work?

I'd like to understand what fast shutter speed settings, like 1/4000s, actually do. I thought it takes a picture with a duration of 1/4000 second. For example, 1/15 leaves the sensor 'open' for 1/15s. ...
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Flicker Frequency for taking snapshot of monitor

When a snapshot of a monitor with refresh rate 60 Hz is taken with a camera with rolling shutter config operating at 30 FPS, what is the expected flicker frequency in the resultant image? CONTEXT: I ...
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How does electronic first curtain shutter match the second curtain?

I previously incorrectly understood how the shutter curtains work. I thought they move at so high speed that e.g. at 1/4000 s shutter speed, the first curtain first opens very quickly, the shutter is ...
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What is the shutter "rate" of the elecronic shutter on various mirrorless cameras?

The shutter rate (coined by dpreview editors afaik) is the time it takes for the camera to expose and read the entire sensor in electronic shutter mode, it is different from the "shutter speed" which ...
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Does a long exposure in DSLR camera have a similar effect to a global shutter?

Regular DSLRs make use of mechanical shutters and progressive electrical readouts, and hence images are captured in a rolling shutter. But, when used to capture pictures with a long exposure, where ...
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Where can I find an organic photoconductive film (OPF), Camera or Sensor alone?

This technology was announced in 2016, but I couldn't find any trace or update about it later. Is there any camera using it ? If not how can I buy any from Panasonic/Fujifilm ?
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What is the cause of this speed-dependent distortion? [duplicate]

I took this shot using a Sony Xperia SP with OpenCamera, here are some details: Exposure: 1/800 ISO: 50 Aperture: f/2.4 focal length: 3.0 The photo was taken out of a train, at around 160km/h, the ...
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Red-channel rolling shutter in google maps?

Google Maps's current view of Schiphol's runway 36R fortuitously includes five time-lapse images of a landing airliner. Oddly, each image of this white airliner has prominent red and cyan ghost ...
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How does shutter speed relate to data capture rate with rolling shutter? Is it related to shutter lag?

I would like to ask question about rolling shutter. I understand that rolling shutter will capture an image row by row. If I have a shutter speed of s-seconds, then does it mean that the camera ...
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If a rolling shutter travels from top to bottom, why does this image seem to show skew in the other direction?

In the picture below you can see that the rolling shutter moves downwards...i.e., it exposes the light to the sensor from top to bottom. . So the information that the sensor recieves is a bit ...
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Why do electronic shutters expose row by row?

This question connects with my previous question, Why do cameras use a slit between two curtains rather than exposing the entire sensor instantly? This question is about why the slit thing comes with ...
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Why do cameras use a slit between two curtains rather than exposing the entire sensor instantly?

Why is it more effective to use "a slit travelling from top to bottom of the sensor" in faster shutter speeds, rather than exposing the entire sensor instantly? And the slit thing only comes in fast ...
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Why the ball is not round? [duplicate]

Why the ball is not round on following crop: SS = 1/60 What's going on?
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Measure rolling shutter severity of image sensor scientifically [closed]

Is there a way how to measure the "severity" of the rolling shutter (RS) effect for a given image sensor? By severity I mean how slow the image read-out is done for every single frame. The slower the ...
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Why is there a vertical bar of brighter exposure when photographing lightning?

I recently took pictures of a lightning storm using my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). In several of the shots where I managed to capture lightning, a lighter (brighter?) vertical section sometimes ...
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What is the advantage of rolling shutters, if any? [duplicate]

I have read a lot about global and rolling shutters, and it seems from what I have read that the global shutter is better than the rolling shutters when it comes to moving objects. On the other side ...
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Do modern DSLRs use a rolling or global shutter?

I recently learned about these technologies and the differences between them. Which one of these do modern DSLR cameras (esp. Canon and Nikon models) come with?
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What is a rolling shutter? When do I have to be aware of it?

In answer to another question, Adam Davis writes: Your camera complicates this by using a rolling shutter above a given speed (usually around 1/200. This means that only a portion of the ...
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Why do DSLRs in movie mode have a rolling shutter instead of a global shutter?

Correct me if I'm wrong: When I take a picture, the sensor gathers the light information "as a whole" during the exposure time and then saves it in the card. When I make a movie, the sensor scans ...
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Xenon flash with rolling shutter

I'm working on a cmos image sensor that has a electronic rolling shutter, at this time I'm operating at 15fps and getting RAW data from it. I was wondering how to combine a xenon flash with the ...
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