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11 votes
4 answers

Is a silhouette photo possible with a glass object?

I have a colored blown glass sculpture and tried to take a silhouette photo of it using different settings on my camera but couldn't find any that would successfully do it without making the entire ...
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How do I capture fine water spray/mist against a reflective background?

I want to shoot a subject standing under a shower, with water misting off as it strikes the skin, showing only the silhouette of the bust, with a soft, textured backlight coming from a frosted glass ...
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Dark scene with object contours by light reflections

I am interested in the type of photos as the first two in this article: (or search google images ...
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How do I convert a person in a photograph to an all-black silhouette?

I want to convert my image to solid black. to . How can I do this in photoshop?
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