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What materials absorb or block infrared wavelengths?

I'm not exactly doing pro photography here; please forgive me. My baby monitor is mounted in a corner. It shines bright IR at night, and the walls are highly reflective, and I can barely see into the ...
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Why am I getting a small black patch when I take photos?

I am getting this black spot at the same place every time I am taking a photo. I am looking for an explanation of the issue and a solution to remove the patch. I am a beginner and if needed I can ...
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How do I convert a person in a photograph to an all-black silhouette?

I want to convert my image to solid black. to . How can I do this in photoshop?
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Is black a color or a lack of color?

Is black a color or a lack of color? What are the characteristics that defines a color?
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Clear-cut black corners with some superzoom photos

I've got a refurbished Panasonic DMC TZ40 which I consider to be very good value for money for my needs as amateur ignorant photographer. The camera is in good shape but was clearly used for some ...
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How can I make sure a dark background comes out pure black with a smartphone?

I recently used a Samsung GT-I9506 to take photos of coins. The idea was to make use of "black" paper as a clean uniform background. I one of the photos the colour of the paper appears completely ...
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How do I stop having a black screen in manual mode

I have a Canon t6i and recently the pictures I have taken in manual mode are coming out black. When I use live shooting the screen is black. However there is a brief moment when the camera 'focuses' ...
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Black clipping paranoia - rational fear or over critical? [closed]

Whilst I edit my photo's in Lightroom/Photoshop I always seem to keep a very stern eye on the clipping point warnings in the histogram. Even when the warning highlighting (the blue mask in Lightroom ...
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Nikon J1, takes pictures but they are all black, doesn't seem to "see" things, lens not the problem

I have a nikon J1, it has always worked well. Today I wanted to take a picture and the screen appeared black, like something was blocking the light completely or I was trying to take a picture of a ...
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How to take Black and White photos without pure black?

I am fond of B/W photography. I have a Canon DSLR (60D). I was checking out some black and white photos and I came up with some photos taken by Fujifilm Camera. The color is amazing. Does anyone know ...
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How many stops are there between middle gray and white point?

I’m trying to wrap my head around the relation between exposure, dynamic range, stops of light, and middle gray. I’m going to ask several questions on that topic. Some of them can be stupid or ...
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For night photography with lots of unexposed areas, should I go with high iso and low exposure, or low iso and high exposure?

I have been doing so much research on iso, and for awhile I've been going with the theory that low iso= less noise, so I've been shooting at iso 100 and then adjusting my flashlights and increasing ...
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Black background post processing tips?

This week I've been experimenting with getting some things photographed with a completely black background. Following some tips on this site about background distance etc, I came to the following set-...
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How can I use a histogram to expose correctly when the scene is very dark?

If I am photographing a scene with a lot of dark background, how can I use the histogram to tell if the exposure is correct? For instance, at an outdoor concert in which the performers are moderately ...
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How do you get good contrast with Canon Matte Photo Paper?

I'm trying to print on Canon Matte Photo paper from my Pixma Pro-1. Printing on Luster and Glossy paper works great, but when specifying that I'm printing on Canon Matte Photo paper, the darkest ...
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Why doesn't Aperture show black as black?

Aperture seems to be displaying my images brighter than they actually are -- this makes colors seem washed out and makes it very difficult to accurately adjust the black point and other exposure ...
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How can I meter to get a black object black?

If I have something in my scene that I want rather close to pure black - can I spot meter off the object and then adjust the exposure by a consistent, pre-defined number of stops to get black instead ...
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