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Grey circles in the background in photos

All my photos contain grey circles which is especially noticable on light background (e.g. sky). I don't know what is the name of this specific artefact and what is connected to (lens? camera?). So ...
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Wide angle lens installed in exterior ATM has strong backlight so users are silhouetted, is there a way to change settings to get a clearer face?

There are several settings that can be changed, and WDR setting, but it doesn't always work well. I am wondering if there's a shutter speed or ISO setting that will be better at it.
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Hardware for scanning diapostives or negatives using flatbed scanner?

How can I scan negatives and diapositives using a flatbed scanner? What hardware do I need? I'm a little confused here, both regarding what I need and how it works. 10-15 years ago, I think, it was ...
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Are these stripes bug or not?

Is it normal or not to have such stripes in a photo taken with strong backlight? Photographed on a new Canon 700D, jpeg from CR2.
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Can my overexposed, hazy backlit photo be fixed?

I took some photos for a friend, and some of my potential favorites are completely overblown. I've attached an example. I've tried fixing in Lightroom 4, and I'm just not getting it. Is there any hope?...
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Is there any app to show sun position and possibly also angle for particular times?

I was invited to shoot an particular event outdoors. Is there any tool which could help me to avoid backlight? I searched the web and found apps like Photoephemeris, Suncalc etc. but none of them ...
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What is the gamut and backlight for a MacBook pro retina display?

I am using the Spyder4pro to calibrate my MacBook pro retina display and it asks what my display's gamut and backlight are. Choices for gamut are: Unknown, ...
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How to brighten the face of a backlit subject [duplicate]

I want to recreate a photo like the below one. The sun is at your back and I need that glow in the tips of the hair and would like to brighten up the face too.. Is flash recommended for this? If yes ...
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How to make my Nikon D7000 stop adjusting to different lighting [closed]

I'm trying to film something with my Nikon D7000. But when I hold it up to the subjects face/body, it starts to focus on the background and makes the the subject into a dark silhouette. How do I ...
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How to meter to clear subject details with a strongly backlit scene, as Elena Shumilova does?

Looking at the photos from Elena Shumilova on 500px, you can see a clear preference for backlighting and halo effects on many of her subjects. For example, this and this. How do you meter with the ...
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Good way to overcome backlit subject from distance with no assistance?

I was taking pictures of my kids outdoors and they were often backlit as they ran around. Since I wanted to isolate them from the background, I was shooting from distance (close to 200mm focal length ...
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Why I can only enable HDR in my Nikon P501's backlighting mode?

In my Nikon P501 I can only enable HDR on backlighting mode. Why? Normally I use this mode when the sun is on the back and I am taking a picture of person, so that both things, the sun and the person ...
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How do I take a photo of people before a bright window?

How would you take a photo of people who are posing in front of a window? Ideally both the people and the background should be visible. I usually get either the background being overlighted or the ...
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How to get blurry backlights but sharp focused front face [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I maximise that “blurry background, sharp subject” (bokeh) effect? How can I take shallow depth of field photos with a point-and-shoot camera? I have simple Nikon ...
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What settings do I need for shooting a candid against the sky?

I have Canon 1000D. Most of the times I use canon 50MM F1.8. I use evaluative metering and single point (center) auto focus. What setting do I need to change to have metering of sky (say red of ...
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How do I avoid a dark subject when there's bright sunlight from windows? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you avoid a dim portrait with a bright background and no external flash? I recently shot some photos at a friend's wedding. The location was lovely with lots of light — ...
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How can I take a sun backlight portrait like these examples?

How can I take a photo like the ones below? The problem is that my photos (taken with a bridge, Sony H2) will get blown up at the highlights. Is it because I'm using a weak camera? Is it because I'm ...
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What affordable lights should I use for a number of large, very bright light-boxes?

I'm working on printing a number of large, very bright backlit prints. I need lots of lights that are affordable since I'll be needing quite a number of 'em. My other concern is color reproduction, ...
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How to turn off the LCD while taking long-exposure photos?

I'm using a Canon SX210 IS with CHDK. I know that capturing long exposition photos is a "battery draining" process, but it could be better. Why should the LCD's backlight be on while taking the photo? ...
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