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Two types of microfiber cloth - How to find the right one?

There seem to be two types of lens cleaning cloth called "microfiber". One looks like a miniature towel, with a fuzz or "nap" to it, and in my experience is pretty useless for cleaning lenses. The ...
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What is the best way to photograph iridescent glitter?

I'm trying to shoot a photo of a textile with iridescent glitter glued onto it, but I can't get enough sparkle from the glitter. Basically a whole strip of glitter appears clear with a few sparkles ...
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How can I improve my clothing photography with a limited budget?

I am shooting pictures for our sleepwear brand but I have limited budget/equipment: Nikon D40 Lenses: 18-105mm & 50mm f1.8 Flash: Yongnuo YN-560 Tripod We have some lights from the top that I ...
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How to best photograph clothes for ecommerce?

We are opening an Amazon store selling women's pajamas and would like to take good photos of our merchandise. We have 2 lens options: Nikon 50mm f1.8 or a zoom lens 18-105mm. What would you ...
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Portrait on a blue background which color should the model wear?

I was wondering, in the case of a classic head + shoulder portrait, which color of clothes should the model wear to improve the photo? What if is a white skin model? an Asian skin model? Dark skin ...
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How should I do a DIY set up for shooting clothing items?

I need to make a photo shoot of clothing articles (headbands, headscarves, etc) for an online store. I tried building a lightbox the other day (cheap way) and then put a light from the top. It was ...
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What are the differences between different types of cloth backdrops?

I'm considering getting backdrop for a small home portrait studio. Leaving out the issues of cloth vs. paper, I'd like to know how the different cloth options compare. There's muslin, velour (velour!)...
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How does canvas or muslin compare to seamless paper for backdrops?

I'm doing a shoot for a friend in a couple of weeks (lucky me, she makes lingerie for a living) and I was wondering about backdrops. I'm currently considering various colours of seamless paper, but I ...
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