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Why would my flash be firing when attaching to hotshoe, but then not afterwards?

Odd one. I've got 3 X Canon 580 EX IIs. They all seem to work fine on my camera hotshoe. When I attach each one to the hotshoe, it does not fire during the attachment process. It then all works as ...
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Controller/Transmitter for Canon 580EXII + Godox AD200

Is there one transmitter like Godox XProC (for Canon 5D MarkIV) to control Canon 580EXII and Godox AD200? If not what is the best way to do it?
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How can I set the power of a Canon 580ex ii with a Godox x1 trigger?

I have an x1 trigger and receiver set for Canon and a 580ex ii. I don't know how to control the power of the flash through the trigger. I also have a Godox v860ii and setting its power through the ...
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How can I wirelessly control my Canon 580ex II?

I want to add wireless control to my current flash system. I have a Yongnuo 560 (that I'm okay with not using) and a Canon 580exII that I'd really like to keep in the system. I've been using Cactus ...
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I can't get my new 580ex ll external flash unit to work on my 60D

I cant get my new 580ex ll external flash unit to work on my 60D. The flash connects properly, contacts are clean etc... The flash recognizes changes that I make to exposure compensation and zoom ( ...
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What is the relationship between exif and xmp? Are they interchangeable?

I am writing an application which read/write metadata for an image (it converts a raw file into a jpeg/tiff) and I need to write metadata about camera/mode/...into the generated jpeg. I know that I ...
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How well will a Canon 580EX II flash work on my Nikon D5000?

I would like more specifics on how a 580EX II would work on a Nikon D5000 and if it is even worth it. This is the scenario, I have available a Canon XTi with a 580EX II for buying; I own a D5000 ...