Is there one transmitter like Godox XProC (for Canon 5D MarkIV) to control Canon 580EXII and Godox AD200? If not what is the best way to do it?

  • Radio or optical? How much control do you want? To fire in sync? To set power from transmitter? HSS? TTL? something else?
    – Michael C
    Jan 10, 2020 at 5:00

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The Godox XProC will work fine, but you will need a Godox X1R-C receiver to attach to the 580EXII hotshoe. This will give you full control (HSS, TTL, ...) over both the AD200 and the speedlite.


Godox has several transmitters in their 2.4 GHz radio system that can trigger and/or control the AD200:

  • Flashpoint R2 Pro II-C
  • Godox Xpro-C
  • Godox X2T-C
  • Godox X1T-C
  • Flashpoint SPT single-pin transceiver (manual trigger; no TTL/HSS/power control)
  • XT32 (manual trigger with HSS/power control)
  • XT16 (manual trigger with power control)

The 580EXII, however, does not have radio triggering built-in, and would require an X1R-C receiver to be attached to its foot to be triggered and controlled by the Godox transmitters. And unlike the built-in radio triggers in Godox's own lights, the X1R-C does not support cross-brand TTL, so the 580EXII can only be a TTL/HSS radio slave to a Godox "-C" Canon version trigger on a Canon camera hotshoe.

The ideal way to add an off-camera speedlight to an AD200 would probably be to purchase a Godox speedlight (V1, V860II/TT685, V850II/TT600, etc.) and use that instead, as all the Godox speedlights have built-in radio triggers which simplify setup/packing vs. add-on triggers.

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