What's the best way to take black and white images with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H70


it think the best way getting black/white images is to shot them in color (RAW if available) and make them b/w in your favorite postprocessing tool.

RAW would have the advantage, that you can gain more details from for example the sky or clouds.

  • the premade black and white from your camera most time is not that what you expect from a black and white. adding contrast would help to get what you want. you will find a lot of tutorials how to create black and white pictures, or high contrast black and white. – quin Aug 17 '12 at 12:38

It must quite surprising but the truth is that Sony skipped the B&W capture feature in many Digital cameras like DSC-H70, DSC W510, etc.
Some models with this feature are DSC-W80/W85/W90;
Even the in-camera editor won't allow you to apply B&W filter.

Obviously you are left with single but best option: Shoot in color and convert to B&W on post-production.

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