Using a Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 , I went out to photograph but later realized the SD card was not in the camera.

I am assuming that there must be some internal memory where the photos are stored, but I cant seem to figure out how to access it to retrieve the photos .

Is there a way to retrieve the photos?


Typically, cameras today have only temporary internal memory, not persistent storage. That is meant to hold photos as they are being processed and written to your memory card, and cannot be used as a replacement for one.

I'm afraid your photos are lost — they were never recorded.

Most cameras flash a warning when no card is in use, and have a setting where no photos can be taken in that case. (I imagine the only reason to allow otherwise is to demo the camera on shop floors.)

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Why would you assume that there must be some internal memory where the photos are stored? There is not. That is the whole point of the memory card. Unfortunately, your photos were not stored anywhere. There is nothing to retrieve.

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