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Questions tagged [expired-film]

Using film that has passed it manufacturer recommended use-by date.

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Selecting lens filters based on ICC or DCP profiles

I have a shoebox full of very old 120 film and I'm experimenting around with it. I want to try to compensate the color shift with lens filters and see what the result is. I have made a few shots of a ...
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How can I accelerate a film's expiration date?

Recently I saw expired film photos and I liked them a lot. I've been shooting on film for a year and a half now and I feel like trying new things. I want to try this thing myself, but before I do, I ...
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Sticky expired film

I have recently (2-3 weeks ago) bought a lot of expired films and they stayed in my bag since then. I wanted to use one of them (color plus 2007/2008), but the film was very sticky and almost all ...
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What is the cause of this very grey film base?

A year ago or so, I received a few expired films, among which this roll of Kodak Tri-X 400, expired in 2013. The film was shipped from the US to Europe. I stored the film in my freezer until I shot it ...
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I bought a bag of 25 unopened boxes of KODAK Tri-X Pan 620 and 120 in the box film

So I have a Yashica D camera I have shot new film with. But I want to shoot one roll of this film and there was one exposed roll. The film is dated 65 to 67. I was told to take the F stop on stop open ...
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How should I adjust exposure to compensate for expired Kodak ColorPlus 100 (from 2001)?

I shoot 35mm film for fun. I have received a pack of Kodak ColorPlus 100 iso, expiration 2001. How many f stops should I go? The film was kept in good conditions (shaded and cooled).
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