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Is it generally accepted that "Samsung 'space zoom' moon shots are fake" and that some cellphones (e.g. S20 Ultra) use AI to add features?

a comment on my answer to What is the ring of light around the moon and which star seen near it? links to the reddit Samsung "space zoom" moon shots are fake, and here is the proof. I have ...
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Why is photoshop (and other adobe products) still largely based on a complicated pre-AI app model? Automating prompts should be no issue [closed]

Is it possible to use chatGPT or any other similar technology to simply describe what you want photoshop to do (perform OCR on all text in an image generated by Dall-E 3 and replace it with a font and ...
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Where are Samsung's "Gallery" app's automatic "tags" stored and how can they be used downstream (i.e. in non-Android photo mgmt / dam software)?

Samsung's "Gallery" does a fantastic job at automatically / on its own assigning "tags" to photos, making it easy to find photos with certain keywords (e.g. "sunset" or &...
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AI Servo does not support Live View mode for Canon 1DX Mk ii

I've been doing some experiments with my AI Servo Autofocus system in my 1DX Mk ii. Basically, the experiments were intended to help me understand some of the rather confusing jargon used to describe ...
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Automatic & intelligent crop 1,000 images

I have about 1,000 scanned / photographed images, each with different formats but all with rectangular/square shape, that need to be cropped to remove the background and the white space around the ...
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