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Managing time zone data in jpg files for use in Google Photos

I wish to create a Google Photos album which displays my images in the order that I dictate. My problem would not exist if Google Photos would offer the option of sorting images in an album by ...
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Edits to images shared in Google Photos

Is there any way to force propagation of changes to an image in Google Photos after it has been shared using partner sharing? I recently uploaded a bunch of photos from a slide scanner. Google Photos ...
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Google is wiping my EXIF data, gives it back in a JSON file. Any already built tool that restore the tags?

So I've been uploading photos to google for ages and noticed something by accident the other day. My photos are losing their EXIF data courtesy of Google! I read I can use their data exporter (...
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Where are Samsung's "Gallery" app's automatic "tags" stored and how can they be used downstream (i.e. in non-Android photo mgmt / dam software)?

Samsung's "Gallery" does a fantastic job at automatically / on its own assigning "tags" to photos, making it easy to find photos with certain keywords (e.g. "sunset" or &...
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How does google photos get timezone and can I change it?

I started using google photos awhile ago to archive my vacation photos. Sometimes I want to change the order of the photos and would simply rename them BUT I also found google photos actually displays ...
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How can I migrate all my Google Photo Albums to another Google account?

I'm trying to migrate all my Google Photo Albums to another Google account, in the sense that all photos and metadata (titles, dates, etc) will be copied into the new account. Sharing doesn't seem to ...
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Do Google Photos maintain any other color spaces except sRGB

Do Google Photos maintain any other color spaces except sRGB? Does it convert photos to sRGB automatically and save them like that?
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Uploading RAW files from iPhone using Google Photos

I transfer my ARW raw files from my Sony Alpha 7iii to my iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 13) using the Apple SD card reader and can successfully see the full quality RAW files on my phone (verified by plugging my ...
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Is possible organize Google Photos by folder in upload?

I love Google Photos, but the big problem I have with it is that the folders it syncs get mixed up instead of being separated by Albums. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you!
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Edit street view 360degree image title after upload

I'm testing the 360degrees photos with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 360. With my first panorama image upload to street view I see that the image title is "SAMSUNG" (above my name). How can I edit that to ...
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Exif tag for png files that will be recognized by google photos as date taken

I am trying to upload several png files (screenshots) to google photos. As PNG does not have DateTimeOriginal tag, I have used ...
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How does Google photos (almost correctly) determine the location of photos

I uploaded some photos to Google photos that were taken by a very old digital camera that does not have GPS or location capability. Yet Google photos was able to determine correct city in which the ...
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How to distinguish images compressed by Google Photos vs the original using metadata?

I used Google Takeout to download all of my photos from Google Photos and realized that Google compresses these images 2-3x to give me free storage. This is great, but a lot of my images are stored at ...
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How/where does Google Photos store both Original & Edited photos?

Google Photos has for some time allowed you to edit your photos and also undo the edits. This suggests that the edits are saved in a non-destructive manner. Where and how are these different versions ...
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