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why shoot RAW plus jpeg [duplicate]

I understand the differences between RAW and JPEG. But why does my DSLR offer me the opportunity to shoot RAW plus JPEG simultaneously. What benefits does this offer over RAW only, especially since I ...
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What are the pros and cons when shooting in RAW vs JPEG?

In general shooting in RAW format uses a lot more file storage than JPEG. What am I gaining when shooting RAW? Besides file size are there any downsides to shooting RAW?
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Why use JPEG instead of RAW?

Why would a photographer want to capture images using the JPEG format over an available RAW format? The obvious argument is memory card storage, but assume that my available memory card storage is ...
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My mentor says to set image to Fine instead of RAW — how is this different from JPG?

So far, I have heard of one reason to have the camera save images as RAW instead of anything else. JPEG is a lossy form of image data and so I always thought it made sense to save the image data as is ...
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When should I use manual white balance settings?

There are several white balance settings on the Nikon D80 including one that is automatic. I normally don't use it although I wonder what settings others use. So the question: What are advantages/...
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Is it worth using Pentax's Premium JPEG quality setting?

Similar: How do I choose which resolution (megapixel) and compression (normal, fine, superfine) to shoot in? The Pentax K-5 has a JPEG quality setting called "Premium", denoted by four stars, which ...
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What does it mean to shoot in flat colors?

I read somewhere that you should shoot in "flat colors" to make it easy to work in post-production. What does "flat" mean?
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What's the difference between Raw Vs Raw+L mode?

Whats the difference between raw mode and raw+L mode on a digital camera? Which is best for commercial photography?
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How can I set my Canon 5D Mark II to JPEG only?

I'm trying to find out how to set JPEG only mode on my Canon 5D Mark II - which options do I need to set from which menus?
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Can I combine RAW & JPEG after import in Aperture?

I'm trying out Aperture; I have a hefty collection of photos in iPhoto, and for a few reasons, it's not cutting it for me anymore. I recently started shooting RAW+JPEG on my camera. I see that ...
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What software raw converter can convert from .raf to .jpg, replicating the Fujifilm in-camera raw conversion algorithm?

Why I ask for software To perform batch conversion of many existing .raf files to .jpg. Why I want Fujifilm's algorithm, specifically I have tried Lightroom and Silkypix, and both fail to give usable ...
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How can I improve the composition of this photograph of a lake and structures off of its shore? [closed]

I only share photos I take myself.
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