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Why does the chart for my Canon 77D show more photos saved with RAW + JPEG than it does for RAW alone?

so since my camera saves my photos automatically in JPEG and since I wanted to have a RAW version of them I looked for some info about this topic and how it works on my DSLR, Canon 77D. I stumbled ...
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How can I quickly switch format with RAW+JPEG images?

I have RAW+JPEG photos in Darktable. I have given some star rating to JPEG photos and filtered the lighttable view using the stars. While I have selected one of those JPEG images, can I quickly switch ...
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How do I set RAW+JPEG recording on my Panasonic Lumix GX85?

I am trying to find on the Custom menu RAW+JPEG setting, but I cannot find it. How do I set RAW+JPEG on my Panasonic Lumix GX85?
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How do I find RAW+JPEG files in Lightroom?

I took hundreds of photos with my camera in RAW+JPEG mode. I now wish to find them so that I can compare them, see if I really like the camera's JPEG rendering and if not, delete them. Unfortunately, ...
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Why use JPEG instead of RAW?

Why would a photographer want to capture images using the JPEG format over an available RAW format? The obvious argument is memory card storage, but assume that my available memory card storage is ...
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Can I upload photo's directly onto the web from VIEW NX2 ?

Do I have to convert RAW NEF files to JPEG to upload them to the web? Also how do I save pictures edited on VIEW NX2? I use a NIKON D5100 & Click pictures on NEF RAW+JPEG(FINE). Kindly help, I am ...
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Does Apple Aperture provide features to support a RAW+JPEG workflow?

Can any experienced (Apple) Aperture user tell me whether Aperture has decent support for a RAW+JPEG workflow? For example, can Aperture: tag both files at the same time with a single key hit? while ...
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