I'm looking for some photography locations in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire for landscape and nature. Are there any helpful tools or techniques for locating and researching photography sites before visiting a locale? What locations would give examples of these things to look for?

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There are numerous places in and around Nottingham itself. There is Attenborough Nature Reserve, Highfields, Colwick Country Park, Wollaton Park. I love taking Landscapes and would happily talk more with you. Steve.


A few suggestions in no particular order:

  • The Peak District: National park coverings 555 square miles mainly in North Derbyshire but stretching into Cheshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire. Despite the name lacks peaks but has rounded hills, plateaus, limestone gorges and sharp 'gritstone' edges. Plenty of attractions are also within this area.
  • Chatsworth House: Stately home and seat of the Duke and Duchess of Derbyshire. Situated in it's own estate (open all year round) containing a country park, woodland, landscaped gardens and other interesting features like the cascade water feature.
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    As I'm local (Derby) I'll agree to these :-) – Digital Lightcraft Jul 27 '17 at 22:34
  • @DigitalLightcraft I got dragged up to the peaks as a kid on holiday enough times. Went to uni at Loughborough as well, so know a few bits! I set as a community wiki, so feel free to add more! – Crazy Dino Jul 27 '17 at 22:52
  • This is a great example of a well supported answer to this type of question. – AJ Henderson Aug 29 '17 at 0:13

Since the question is "how to find a good place", this is what I suggest to do research. In no particular order:

  • Go to Google maps around your desireable location and switch on street view
  • Search the place on google images to see what are "usual" images in the particular area. Example search query is "Nottinghamshire landscape".
  • Go to local tourist center, they always have brochures with pictures of the local sight-seeing places. Some areas have their own websites of course, which you should explore
  • Go to Flickr or other your favourite photo website with geo tags and filter images taken in that area. Or search image by your location, Flickr does provide map with approximate location, for example see this picture
  • Same Flickr offers Map view which is to me a bit confusing tool

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