My Yongnuo YN600EX-RT has a distance scale that is not working properly.

For example, with flash in manual mode, ISO100, 35mm, Power 1/1, GN=128 ft:

  • The LCD display gives 10ft for both F8 and F11 when should be 16 ft and 11.5 ft.

  • Likewise, it gives 5.5 ft for both F16 and F22 when it should be 8 ft and 5.8 ft.

Using GN = F# × distance one can calculate the distance for any F Stop.

A small difference between my calculated and flash calculated value might be OK, but obviously the distance should not be the same at a full stop apart. Did I get a lemon or are others experiencing this too? Is this a known problem with an available fix?

  • What lens are you using? Is it always at the same focal length when you check the distance on the flash? WHat is the zoom setting on the flash? – Michael C Dec 14 '16 at 3:37

I have 3 of these flashes and have not experienced this problem. Only thing I can suggest is maybe downloading and installing the YN flash firmware update. Maybe try to "reset" the flash and start over from the beginning.

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